jacqueline biggs
variance, ones mind changes as the seasons,

jacqueline biggs

Jacqueline Biggs   *   Artist    Poet    Author

       Born and raised in southwestern Ontario, Canada, Jacqueline has traveled around North America, and Europe extensively. With a curious nature she takes each day as a challenge to her sense of creativity. Observation has always been strong in Jacqueline’s vision of the world. Her understanding of life, and how everything is interrelated; think of it, even the mountains are alive. Not just the obvious organic species that carpet the hills, and meadows but the rocks, those tiny bits of granite, for they too have a purpose; they change, and evolve therefore they live. “Heavy thoughts maybe but human thought is an interesting creature, isn’t it.”

            Jacqueline remains a kindred spirit continuing a family lineage of Artists, Inventors, and Poets. Her Grandfather, Walter F. Biggs himself was an accomplished Artist in Southwestern Ontario, he gave her a taste for the working artist as a young child so you can see her interest in the creative genres is certainly a natural part of her being.

            Years would go by attending H. B. Beal Art School in the late 1960’s in London, Ontario under the watchful eye of Herb Ariss, one of our countries ardent Professional Artists and educators himself. This opened her eyes to possibilities which Jacqueline strives for each day of her life.

            So then too her endeavors they continued for decades as she participated in creative workshops throughout Canada, the USA, the UK and specifically Scotland stretching her limits, developing the skills she shows in her wide, and diverse amount of material successfully produced, and appreciated internationally, through private collections, and solo exhibits.

            Gallery exhibits, both group, and solo were, and are a success when every Jacqueline puts forth her works for public viewing. Media events, and numbers of commercial contracts achieved, Jacqueline has recently returned from an extensive stay in the UK, a working venture she shares some of her opportune moments if asked.

            Her desire to experience history, and the family’s ancestry drove Jacqueline over the pond to trek through multitudes of castle ruins, graveyards, cathedrals, and yes many a Scottish pub or two, three, four,----.

            Jacqueline has been an active member of The Calgary Sketch Club, and The Federation of Canadian Artists, both of which she held executive positions. As well she has held her own workshops, and instructional sessions that are still in demand.

             Jacqueline is an active member of the South Grenville Guild of Fine Art, in Prescott, Ontario. Working with local Artists of all strips, creating new and exciting works to this date.

            Jacqueline’s forte is her ability to create images with the ease of a brush stroke or a few select adjectives. Jacqueline paints, and writes what she knows from her own inner being, she sees, and feels things deeply from a place other’s don’t. We hope you enjoy her works as much as she enjoys creating images in space, and time.